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Reporting Elvis 4 issues to Support

Reporting Elvis 4 issues to Support

Support questions need to be sent via e-mail to support@woodwing.com.

To help us understand, find and fix issues that you report, we need as much information about the issue as possible. When reporting an issue, please explain your problem as clearly as possible and include at least the following information:

  • Elvis version - The version is displayed top-right on the client install page. You can also find the version in the server log files. In the client, the version is visible top-right on the login page.
  • Screenshots - If applicable, screenshots often explain an issue much better then any written description.
  • Server log files - The log-files often contain detailed information that allows us to quickly locate and fix reported issues. Log files can be located through the Elvis Start menu on Windows or the Elvis server panel on Mac OS X.
  • Problem files - The file(s) which cause the problem so we can try and reproduce it in our test environment.
  • Plugins, temp files and config - When reporting an issue related to an import or plugin we need the log files and temp files to see what happened.
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