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Elvis 4 bundled plug-in - Move files and folders

Elvis 4 bundled plug-in - Move files and folders

The move plugin can move assets and folders in Elvis. This can be useful to move production data to an archive, for example.

Note: This bundled plug-in is supported for production use.

Tip: If you want to prevent users from moving content, don't give them move rights but let them use metadata (field with pulldown value "move") and use this plugin to move them to another zone.


The plugin configuration is for flexibility reasons, not handled through the plugin configuration file. You will need some technical skills to configuring this plugin correctly.

Files can be moved using a query, defined in a move webservice call inside the <cleanup>/xsl/move-request.xml file. This gives you a lot flexibility on what you want to remove.

Warning: Be careful, if you do not understand what you're doing, creating an incorrect query results in unwanted moved files.

Please read SOAP - introduction first so you understand what you are doing. Also, you can use a tool like soapUI to test you query with a search webservice call before using it in this plugin.

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