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Elvis 4 plug-ins introduction - management

Elvis 4 plug-ins introduction - management

All plugins are located in the <Elvis Config>/plugins folder, this folder and its contents are available after the Elvis server service is started for the first time. The plugins folder contains several sub folders:

  • active - all activated plugins.
  • active/internal - all Elvis default internal plugins.
  • disabled - all disabled plugins.
  • plugin_base - shared plugin codebase.
  • samples - all default bundled plugins.

Note: Do not make modifications to the plugin_base folder, it will be completely overwritten each time the server starts.

A valid plugin is a folder that contains a plugin configuration file. This configuration file defines the plugin type, Elvis supports two types:

The entire plugin configuration is in this single configuration file in most cases.

Plugin admin

Plugins can be managed via System > Manage Plugins.

This admin section shows status info for activated plugins, per plugin type. All plugins and all web access configuration files can be reloaded from disk using Reload All Plugins.

For manual execution of schedule plugins, select a schedule plugin and choose Execute Schedule Plugin.

The Manage plug-ins screen in the Elvis Client

Plugin activation

  1. Copy a plugin folder to the active folder, either in the root or any subfolder.
  2. Configure the plugin, the schedule plugins and action plugins configuration articles provide detailed info.
  3. Go to the plugin admin (System > Manage Plugins) and reload all plugins.
  4. Check the plugin's details in the admin to verify that it is correctly loaded without errors or warnings.

Tip: Subfolders can be used to group or categorize plugins.

Plugin deactivation

  1. Remove the plugin from the active folder or move it to the disabled folder.
  2. Go to the plugin admin (System > Manage Plugins) and reload all plugins.
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