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Elvis 4 plug-ins introduction - internal plug-ins

Elvis 4 plug-ins introduction - internal plug-ins

There are a couple of special "internal" plugins which are always active. All internal plugins are in the <Config>/plugins/active/internal folder, this article briefly describes them.

The folder will be updated at server startup and created the first time the server starts. It will not overwrite your modifications to files inside this folder or any of it's subfolders.

Warning: do not move or rename this folder or any of it's subfolders.

Asset info report


Report which contains all details about the current asset-info configuration. This report is generated by the server on startup, it can be reviewed from the server admin page.

Backup schedule


Backup schedule plugin that automatically triggers a backup of the Elvis Hot Data every night. You can adjust the schedule to your needs.

Elvis client flags


All flag icons are in the flags folder, you can use one of the default flag icons or add your own custom flag icons to this folder.

Elvis client logos


Changing default logo's for the desktop client and the email-link clients is possible in the logos folder . Put files in here with specific names to customize the logos.

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