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Metadata field permissions in Elvis 4 Server

Metadata field permissions in Elvis 4 Server

By default users cannot see or edit any metadata fields. Metadata fields configuration allows you to define which fields are viewable and editable for a user or group. This setting applies to all assets a user can view. Additionally, the 'edit metadata' permission on rules allows you to define for which assets metadata is editable.

Let's take the example of a designer who is allowed to edit the value of the metadata fields 'status' and 'rating', but only on assets that have the current value 'Production' for 'status'.

  • First assign view and edit rights to the correct fields in the "Metadata Fields" tab in "Manage Permissions".

Editing metadata fields

  • Then assign the edit metadata permission for the group Designers on the rule status:Production.

Setting metadata on the Status:Production rule

  • The result is that on the image with status "Production" the metadata can be edited by the designer, setting the status to 'Review" and adding a rating.

Editable metadata

  • But the designer cannot edit the metadata of an image in status "Final".

Non-editable metadata

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