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Building an index in Elvis 4

Building an index in Elvis 4

Caution: Running the big index builder improperly can cause loss of data. Contact support@woodwing.com before using it.

The big index builder can be used to build a large index from an existing mainFilestore. It scans the originals in the mainFilestore and adds every item to the index. This can be used as an alternative to the bulk import for an initial index build from existing material. It can also be used to rebuild an index that was somehow corrupted.

Some metadata may be lost if it was not embedded in the files, restoring a backup of the full index is usually better. The process causes heavy load on the system, making normal searching impossible during the process.

You can find the big index builder on the server admin pages, among other admin tools.

Tip: In depth explanation is available on the admin page of the big index builder.

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