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Enterprise metadata mapping in Elvis 4

Enterprise metadata mapping in Elvis 4

A number of common Enterprise fields are mapped to Elvis fields, which allows metadata changes in Elvis to show in Enterprise and vice versa. The following table shows which fields are mapped and if they are read from Elvis and written back to Elvis.

CategoryEnterpriseElvisReadWrite 1
BasicMetadata Name name x x2
BasicMetadata Type assetDomain x  
ContentMetadata AspectRatio aspectRatio


ContentMetadata Channels audio Channels


ContentMetadata ColorSpace colorSpace x  
ContentMetadata Description description x x
ContentMetadata DescriptionAuthor captionWriter x x
ContentMetadata Dpi resolution x  
ContentMetadata Encoding videoCodec x  
ContentMetadata FileSize fileSize x  
ContentMetadata Format mimeType


ContentMetadata Height height x  
ContentMetadata Keywords tags x x
ContentMetadata LengthChars numberOfCharacters x  
ContentMetadata LengthLines numberOfLines x  
ContentMetadata LengthParas numberOfParagraphs x  
ContentMetadata LengthWords wordCount x  
ContentMetadata Width width x  
Rightsmetadata Copyright copyright x x
Rightsmetadata CopyrightMarked  


Rightsmetadata CopyrightURL licensorWebsite x x
SourceMetadata Author creatorName x x
SourceMetadata Credit credit x x
SourceMetadata Source source x x
WorkflowMetadata Comment versionDescription x x
WorkflowMetadata Created assetCreated x  
WorkflowMetadata Creator assetCreator x  
WorkflowMetadata LockedBy checkedOutBy x  
WorkflowMetadata Modified assetFileModified x  
WorkflowMetadata Modifier assetFileModifier x  
WorkflowMetadata Rating rating x x
WorkflowMetadata Version versionNumber x  

1 Content Source users must have edit permissions in Elvis for all fields marked as write

2 Changing the name of an file in Enterprise will rename the file in Elvis. The file extension will not be changed.

3 MimeType is mapped to the corresponding Enterprise format.

4 Copyright marked is derived from the copyright field in Elvis.

Enterprise fields

Since Elvis 4.4.1

When an asset is linked to Enterprise a number of Enterprise metadata fields are mapped. In Elvis these fields are read-only and are updated automatically when changed in Enterprise. See the table below for the list of fields.

Field nameTechnical field nameDescription
Archived from Enterprise sceArchived Boolean that represents if an asset is archived from Enterprise.
Category sceCategory The category of the file in Enterprise.
Category ID sceCategoryId The category ID of the file in Enterprise.
Enterprise created sceCreated Date and time when the link was created.
Enterprise creator sceCreator The Enterprise user who created the link.
Enterprise ID sceId The object Id of the asset in Enterprise.
Enterprise System ID sceSystemId The GUID of the Enterprise server where this asset is used.1
Enterprise modified sceModified Date and time when metadata was modified.
Enterprise modifier sceModifier The Enterprise user who modified metadata of the file.
Publication scePublication The publication of the file in Enterprise.
Publication ID scePublicationId The publication ID of the asset in Enterprise.
Used in Enterprise sceUsed Boolean that represents if an asset is used in Enterprise.

1 An asset can only be used on one Enterprise server at a time.

Enterprise placement related fields

Since Elvis 4.4.1

After an asset is linked to Enterprise this asset can be placed on a layout. The table below lists the fields related to the placement of the asset on the layout.

Field nameTechnical field nameDescription
Channel sceChannel The publication channel.
Channel ID sceChannelId The publication channel ID.
Edition sceEdition Edition of the placement in Enterprise.
Edition ID sceEditionId Edition ID of the placement in Enterprise.
Enterprise relations sceRelations JSON structure with relations of this asset as shadow object to Enterprise entities like Layout, Category, Channel, Issue, Page and On pasteboard.1
Issue sceIssue The issue of the placement in Enterprise.
Issue ID sceIssueId The issue ID of the placement in Enterprise.
Layout sceLayout The layout of the asset is placed on in Enterprise.
Layout ID sceLayoutId The layout ID of the asset is placed on in Enterprise.
Page scePage The page number of the page the asset is placed on.
Placed on page scePlaced Boolean that represents if an asset is placed on an InDesign page in Enterprise.

1 The equally named fields in this table are based on this JSON.

Enterprise fields without mapping

The following Enterprise metadata is deliberately not mapped because they are Enterprise specific and will be stored in Elvis when archiving files from Enterprise to Elvis.

CategoryField nameWorkflowMetadata

Mapping custom Enterprise fields

Since Elvis 4.4.1

Next to standard Enterprise properties, it's also possible to map custom Enterprise properties to either standard or custom Elvis fields. These mappings can be configured in the Elvis plug-in configuration file: <enterprise>/config/plugins/Elvis/config.php. Example mappings for every Enterprise property type can be found in this configuration file.

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