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Downloading files in Elvis 4

Downloading files in Elvis 4

When you need to use files that are stored in Elvis on your own system, you can download them to your downloads folder, in addition to checking files out.

You can download the original file in its original format or you can download the preview as used by the Elvis clients. Previews are downloaded in a specific file format for each kind of file (see the supported file types). For images, custom download options are available.

You can access all download options from the application menu and the context menu on selected files. There is also a button to download the selected original files.

The Download Image As option in the context menu

Download image as...

Available since Elvis 4.2

Images can be downloaded in several formats. The following options can be customized:

  • File format
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • Size
  • Percentage of original size
  • Within maximum width and height constraints
  • Resolution in pixels per inch
  • Include metadata of the original file in the custom file

Note: The PNG format does not support embedded metadata and does not support including metadata from the original.


You can save the custom download options as presets. You can give these presets a name and save them for easy access in the context and application menu’s.

You can share these presets with other users in the same user groups as you.

Tip: Server administrators can share with all user groups and can edit and remove any presets.

Organize presets

You can organize your presets in a special tab. You can access the tab in the application menu, under Organize. Here you can modify or delete presets that were created by yourself. You can also create new presets here or duplicate existing ones.

The Manage Preview presets window

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