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Changing the location of the Checkouts folder in Elvis 4

Changing the location of the Checkouts folder in Elvis 4

Info: This feature requires Elvis DAM version 4.6.10 or higher.

By default, any file that is checked-out through the Desktop Client is saved locally in the following location:

~/Documents/Elvis Checkouts

In certain scenarios it can be advantageous to change this to another location.

Example: When the Documents folder is stored on a server, accessing files from that location can be relatively slow.

Step 1. Access the Elvis DAM Preferences.

Step 2. In the "Save checked out files to" section, click Other... and choose a folder where you want to store the checked-out files to (or create a new folder).

Notes: Make sure that:

  • The default user folder does not exist in this location (this is because Elvis will create a new folder with the user name in the new location)
  • You have permission to write (save) files to this location

If these conditions are not met, the Checkouts folder will remain in the current location.

Figure: The "Save checked out files to" option in the Preferences.

Step 3. Save your settings by clicking Save in the Preferences window.

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