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Running Elvis 4 Server in combination with Apache

Running Elvis 4 Server in combination with Apache

For production environments it is highly advised to run the Elvis server on a dedicated machine. For demo machines or small setups, Elvis may have to be installed on an existing machine that is already running an Apache web server. To prevent having to access the Elvis server with an additional port number you can setup a "reverse proxy" configuration in Apache to forward requests to the Elvis server.

To make this work, configure the serverPath property in the Elvis configuration file.


Then add a proxy config to Apache. On a standard Mac OS X machine you can use or create a proxy.conf file in /private/etc/apache2/other and put in something similar to this:

    <IfModule proxy_module>

           ProxyRequests Off

           <Proxy *>
                   Order deny,allow
                   Allow from all

           ProxyPreserveHost On
           ProxyPass /elvis http://localhost:8080/elvis
           ProxyPassReverse /elvis http://localhost:8080/elvis

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