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Elvis Cloud Analytics released

Elvis Cloud on-asset analytics released

The on-asset analytics now available in Elvis Cloud create a richer experience for our users. This new feature provides you with clear insights into your most previewed and downloaded files.

Using on-asset analytics, you can now analyze and understand how your Elvis files are being used over time and which files in your Elvis cloud solution are most important to Elvis users. This will eventually help you to manage your assets in a more effective and meaningful way.

An enriched content panel

The redesigned content panel smoothly integrates the new analytics feature. With the integrated analytics tool, you can:

  • quickly scan assets to check the number of previews and downloads;
  • see the analytics data in any view; 
  • sort assets based on most previewed or downloaded; and
  • display the analytics data on file thumbnails, the metadata panel or both.


User level permissions

Because not everyone within your organization needs all of the available on-asset analytics insights, our analytics tool can be configured in the management control panel to set the appropriate insights for each user. From now on, you can select whether: 

  • users can see the downloads counter, our preview counter or both;
  • create user groups with the same rights; and
  • easily change the permission model in real time in the management control panel.


Well, when will this be available?

How about trying it out straight away? It’s live already so just log in to your account and start analyzing your assets today!

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