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Error when using Elvis in Smart Connection or Content Station: Elvis credentials not found


Error when using Elvis in Smart Connection or Content Station: Elvis credentials not found

When working with Elvis in Smart Connection, Content Station 9, ir Content Station 10, the following error can appear:

Elvis credentials not found. Please re-log in.

Error in InDesign

Error in Content Station

In Smart Connection, the error typically appears when trying to check-in a layout.


Elvis stores its data through PHP in a file called sess_<ticket>. When Elvis needs to be perform a specific action such as checking-in a layout, this file is verified. However, PHP can be configured in such a way that this file can be seen as 'garbage' after a certain period of time. When this happens the file is no longer available when it is needed and as a result, the error is shown.


The solution is to make sure that the data file is not seen as garbage. This can be done by increasing the maximum life time of the session data, for example by setting it to 8 hours (a regular working day).

Step 1. Open the php.ini file and set the session.gc_maxlifetime option to 28800 (1 hour = 3600 seconds, 3600 x 8 = 28800).

session.gc_maxlifetime = 28800

Step 2. Save the php.ini file and restart Enterprise Server.

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