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Using the Pro Client of Elvis 5


Using the Pro Client of Elvis 5

Info: This feature requires Elvis DAM version 5.3.1 or higher.

The Pro Client is one of the ways of accessing Elvis 5 through a Web browser.

It provides easy access to content that is stored in Elvis and because of its wide range of features it is perfect for both general and advanced use.

The Pro Client

Figure: Accessing content in Elvis through the Pro Client.

Setting up the Pro client

Your system administrator will have set up the Pro client for you, ready for use. No installation or configuration steps are needed on your side.

Access rights

Depending on your role, you will have been given full or limited access to the available features in the Pro client and the assets stored in Elvis. You may therefore not see all of the features described here in this article or be able to use them. When in doubt, contact your system administrator.


The look and feel of the Pro client can be changed to match the style of the brand that the Pro client is used for, for example by matching it with the branding of a company, product or publication.

The following can be adjusted:

  • The background image of the Sign In page
  • The logo in the header
  • The color of the header
  • The highlight color (used for buttons, selections and various other small page items)
  • The 'favicon' shown in a Web browser

The Pro client may therefore look different than shown here but the described features are the same.

Accessing the Pro client

You access the Pro client through a Web link by using a supported Web browser. Enter the link that is provided by your system administrator and log in using your credentials.

The link will look as follows:

<Elvis Server URL>/app

Example: http://www.elvis.com/app


The Pro Client can be used to perform many tasks, including:

See some of these tasks performed in the following short video:

Document history

  • 28 February 2017: Added the option of changing the background image of the Sign In page and the favicon.
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