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Inception update - 21 September 2015

Today we have updated Inception and added the following features:
  • Attachments panel to manage and use assets in a story. The attachments panel shows all images used in a story. From this panel you can delete the images or drag-and-drop these on image components.
  • Removal of the tenant from the URL. This means you can just go to https://inception.woodwing.com and login directly without having to add the tenant.
  • UI update to the selection of embed and container components. You can delete a container or embed component by selecting it. Adding components to the container is now more visible.

Important: Please use the latest version of the style template, see "Customizing the look and feel of an Inception Story"

We are currently working on the following new features:
  • Story organisation.
  • Apple News.
  • Story preview.
Known issues:
  • Exporting to an unsecure (none https) Enterprise server.
  • Removing a component with backspace is not always working.
  • None fixed background for hero component is not working on android devices.
If you have any questions please use the Inception forum.
Best regards,
The Inception Team
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