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Searching and browsing for files in the Elvis 5 Desktop client

Searching & browsing for files in the Elvis 5 Desktop client

There are two ways to locate content in Elvis. You can browse through the folder structure at the top or you can use the search engine. The folder structure provides a familiar way to find content, many people are used to specific file structures as part of their daily workflow.

Most people are also used to searching for material using Google, a simple field to enter some search terms with results sorted by relevance.

The search engine searches through all the metadata and text content in the files and all metadata added to it by users. Folder names in the folder structure are also used to include files in the results, for example if you search on "entertainment", all files in the "entertainment" folder will be included in the results.

It is possible to do advanced searching in Elvis, with filtering, sorting and search operators.

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