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Action plugin setting - keyBindings

Elvis 5 action plug-ins setting - keyBindings

(13) Optional setting

Platform specific keyboard bindings, for Windows and Mac OS X.

Note: If you assign key bindings to your plug-in, you need to specify an applicationMenu menuAssignment


Key bindings are not required. When you do assign key bindings, make sure that two keyBinding elements are added, one with os="MacOSX" and the other with os="Windows".

Tip: Check if your key binding is not already used by one of the standard menu items, otherwise it will be ignored.



Operating System the key binding applies to, possible values:

  • MacOSX
  • Windows



The key part of the key binding.



Comma separated list of modifier keys. When this parameter is not specified, no modifiers will be used. The available valid modifiers are:

  • CMD = Command, only valid in combination with Mac OS X
  • ALT = MacOSX: Option, Windows: Alt
  • CTRL = Control
  • SHIFT = Shift



    <keyBinding os="MacOSX" key="f" modifiers="CMD">
    <keyBinding os="Windows" key="f" modifiers="CTRL">
    <keyBinding os="MacOSX" key="f" modifiers="CMD,SHIFT">
    <keyBinding os="Windows" key="f" modifiers="CTRL,SHIFT">
    <keyBinding os="MacOSX" key="=" modifiers="CMD,CTRL,ALT,SHIFT">
    <keyBinding os="Windows" key="-" modifiers="SHIFT,CTRL">
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