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Elvis 5 plug-ins - introduction

Elvis 5 plug-ins - introduction

The core Elvis functionality is extendable through plug-ins. By using schedule plug-ins you can extend the server functionality and by using action plug-ins you can extend the Desktop client, Pro client and Brand portal.

Server schedule plug-ins

Schedule plug-ins (formerly known as scheduled modules) are automated server tasks that require no user interaction. Usage scenarios are:

  • Server side integrations with external systems
  • Automatic asset ingestion
  • Workflow integrations, import files and metadata from external systems
  • Workflow integrations, export files and metadata to external systems
  • Internal workflow, move or delete files based on metadata
  • Data migration from other DAM systems

Action plug-ins

Action plug-ins are used to tailor the functionality of the Desktop client and the Pro client. Custom menus and buttons can be used to open dialogues and tabs containing specific features or integrations. Usage scenarios are:

  • Transcoding images or videos
  • Approval workflows
  • Search external sources
  • Printable contact sheets

Bundled plug-ins, configuration and customization

There are several open source bundled plug-ins available. For information on plug-in activation and configuration, check the article on plug-in management. Developers can modify bundled plug-ins or develop their own custom schedule or action plug-ins.

Document history

  • 6 October 2016: Added the Pro client and Brand portal as clients in which Action plug-ins can be used.
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