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Integrating Elvis 5 in Content Station


Integrating Elvis 5 in Content Station 9

To offer Content Station 9 users an easy way of working with assets that are stored in Elvis, the Elvis Desktop client can be integrated in Content Station 9 as an Application.

As with all other Applications in Content Station 9, Elvis can then be accessed through a tab allowing users to search for the assets in Elvis and use them in the Enterprise workflow (for example by dragging them into a Dossier).

Elvis in Content Station


For information about the compatibility between Content Station and Elvis, see the Compatibility Matrix.

Note: Integrating Elvis in Content Station can only be done in Content Station AIR, not in Content Station Web.


The Elvis integration is provided as a plug-in that needs to be installed in Enterprise Server. For information about installing and configuring it, see Integrating Elvis 5 in Enterprise Server.


Content Station users need to be given access to the Elvis application by enabling an option in the Access Profiles in Enterprise Server.

Granting user permission in Enterprise Server

In Enterprise Server, the user needs to be given access to use the Elvis integration.

In the Access Profile(s) of Enterprise Server that are set up for the user or user group, enable the option 'Elvis' in the Applications section.

See Managing Access Profiles in Enterprise Server 9.

The Elvis Application on the Profile Maintenance page

Adding the Enterprise user to Elvis

When the Elvis Application is launched in Content Station, the user is logged in to Elvis using the credentials that were used for accessing Content Station.

Make sure therefore that the user exists in Elvis. For more information, see Setting up users and user groups in Elvis 5.

Granting user permission in Elvis

In Elvis, the user needs to be given access to use the Elvis integration.

Do this by assigning the appropriate license and enabling the Client type 'Content Station client'. For more information, see Controlling user access to clients and client features in Elvis 5.

Enabling the Content Station permission

Testing the integration

Step 1. Launch Content Station.

During the start-up process, a connection is made between Enterprise Server and Elvis Server

Step 2. Double-click the Elvis Application.

The Elvis App on the Home page

Elvis is launched and you are prompted to log in.

Logging in to Elvis

Step 3. Log in, search for some assets and drag one or more assets to a Dossier.

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