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Opening files for editing in Elvis 5 (file check-out and check-in)

Opening files for editing in Elvis 5 (file check-out and check-in)

Since all files in Elvis are stored on a central server, to edit content, you need to check out that file. The file will be downloaded to your local system so it can be opened with other applications. Checked out items will be downloaded to a folder called Elvis Checkouts in your Documents folder in Mac OS X or in your My Documents folder in Windows. When a file is checked out, it is locked for all other users.

To open a file in another application either select 'Open in default application' from the asset context menu or drag and drop the asset to any application that can accept the asset.

Note: Some applications will paste text instead of the dragged asset, in these cases press and hold the 'alt' key when initiating the drag.

Once you are done editing the file, you will have to check it back in into Elvis. If you go to your overview of checked out items, you can select the file and check it back in. A simple check in will overwrite the current file, but you can also check it in as variation, which will create a new file in Elvis with a link to the original.

If you want to discard your local changes and release the file to other users, you can undo the checkout.

The desktop client check out mechanism works separate from the Elvis Drive check outs. But whenever a file is checked in, Elvis creates a new version, wether checked in through the desktop client or with Elvis Drive.

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