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Adding content to Elvis 5

Adding content to Elvis 5

There are several ways of adding content to Elvis, from adding a large number of legacy files and folders by using a bulk import to adding assets manually in small numbers or one-by-one.

Bulk import

A bulk import of assets into Elvis is typically done when the system has just been set up and assets need to be moved from your existing file store location(s) into Elvis.

This will also be a good moment to analyze the assets that have accumulated in your file store and to exclude unwanted files from the import to ensure an Elvis system that is as clean as possible.

Various methods of importing assets in bulk are available. For more information, see Importing files in Elvis 5 in bulk.

Manual import

A manual import is typically done by end users who upload their assets to share with others or to make them part of the production process.

Uploading assets this way can be done by using the Desktop client or the Pro client.

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