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Configuring Elvis 4 Server

Configuring Elvis 4 Server

All Elvis configuration options are stored in a folder that is automatically created during installation. This folder is found in <Elvis Server>/Config. Here you can configure the following:

General server configuration

In the <Elvis Server>/Config/config.properties.txt you can find all configurable settings for the Elvis server, for example:

  • serverPort=8080
  • dataLocation=/Library/Elvis Server/Elvis Data
  • hotDataLocation=/Library/Elvis Server/Elvis Hot Data
  • serverAdminEmail=sysadmin@example.com
  • authKeyViewableFields=id,filename,name

E-mail notifications

Note: To enable e-mail notifications on the sharing functionality added in Elvis 3.6.1, you need to configure serverAdminEmail in the config.properties.txt

Certain warnings regarding server health can be e-mailed to a server administrator. Currently we support e-mail notifications for the following server warnings:

  • Low disk space warnings

These notifications can be configured in the config.properties.txt file with the following settings:

# E-mail address that will receive server warnings

# SMTP server settings

The subject of the e-mail message is also configurable, by adding the following line to your config.properties.txt:

warningEmailSubject=Elvis Server warning (${computerName})

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