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Using the Basic Web Client of Elvis 4

Using the Basic Web Client of Elvis 4

The Basic Web Client is one of the ways of accessing Elvis through a Web browser.

It gives users easy access to content that is stored in Elvis and because of its limited features it is perfect for general use.

The Basic Web Client

Figure: Accessing content in Elvis through the Basic Web Client.

Accessing the Basic Web Client

Enter the following address in your Web browser:

<Elvis Server URL>/web


The Basic Web Client can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Searching for files using a free-text search, the Filter or by browsing the folder structure.
  • Previewing files
  • Downloading files
  • Sharing files

See these tasks performed in the following short video:

Supported Web browsers

For an overview of the supported Web browsers, see Supported Web browsers for the Elvis 5 Web Client.

Setting user permissions

The features of the Basic Web Client that a user has access to are controlled through a combination of the user license that is used and the Capabilities and Rules that are set up for that user or the user group that the user is part of.

For more information see Controlling user permissions in Elvis 5.

Do the following:

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