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Accessing Elvis 4 through a Web browser

Accessing Elvis 4 through a Web browser

Accessing Elvis DAM through a Web browser is an easy way of giving external users access to the content stored in Elvis. All they need is a Web browser, a link to Elvis and log-in credentials.

Available applications

Accessing Elvis through a Web browser is done through a range of different applications, each with their own set of features:

  • Basic Web client
  • Shared links page
  • Open-source clients

Each applications is briefly described below.

The Basic Web client

This application has limited features and is perfect for general use.

The Basic Web Client

For more information, see Using the Basic Web Client of Elvis DAM.

Shared Links page

When a file is shared with other users, they access these files through the Shared Links page.

The Share Client

Open-source clients

Open-source clients perform a specific role:

  • Approval tool. Allows users (external customers, attendees to a meeting) to assign a rating to images, videos and other content. This functionality is provided through a bundled plug-in.

The Approval tool

  • Download portal. Used for distributing content. It can be connected to a content delivery service such as Akamai or Amazon CloudFront to provide fast downloads across the globe. This functionality is provided through a bundled plug-in.

A download portal

  • Live feed. For use on wall-mounted screens in publishing environments to show new material that is being received or to display what is being worked on at the moment. This functionality is provided through a bundled plug-in.

The live feed.

  • Syndication site. An image and video oriented distribution or 'stock photo' site. It allows searching, filtering, previewing and buying material. This functionality is provided through a bundled plug-in.

DAM photo

Features per application

The following table shows a general overview of the features that are available in each application:

Note: This list is not complete, use it as a reference only. The availability of a feature for a user is also influenced by the type of license used, the user type that is assigned and permissions that are set up.

Feature Basic Web Client Shared Links page
Logging in / Logging out Yes -
Searching Yes -
Filtering Yes -
Previewing Yes Yes
Downloading Yes Yes
Sharing Yes -
Opening for editing (checkout) - -
Deleting - -
Rating - -
Requesting upload - -
Thumbnail view Yes Yes
List view - -
Filmstrip view - -
Edit metadata - -
Versioning - -

Legend: Yes = feature is supported. - = feature is not supported.

Accessing an application

An application is accessed by doing one of the following:

  • Basic Web Client: enter the following address:

<Elvis DAM Server URL>/web

  • Shared Links page: use the link that was generated by Elvis (it is typically distributed by e-mail).
  • Open-source Client: use the link that was provided to you.

Supported Web browsers

For an overview of the supported Web browsers, see Supported Web browsers for the Elvis 4 Web Client.


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