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Setting up access to Elvis 4 Server for external users

Setting up access to Elvis 4 Server for external users

Besides using Elvis on your local network, it provides numerous collaboration and other features that require remote access. For example:

  • Send an e-mail link to view assets from Elvis.
  • Send an e-mail link to upload assets directly into Elvis.
  • Access Elvis using the desktop client when on the road or when working from a remote site.
  • Integrate other web applications using the Elvis API.

In these cases you may need access to the Elvis server through the internet. Elvis uses only standard HTTP or HTTPS communication (port 80), making it very simple to provide safe access to the Elvis server from remote locations.

Use the external domain everywhere

When sending an e-mail from the desktop client it will use its own server URL as base for the link in the e-mail. This means that if you send that e-mail outside your company, the receiver will not be able to access the link to view the assets because they are trying to access the Elvis server using an IP address that is only available on the local company network. See diagram below:

Diagram of sending an e-mail outside the company

To fix this, the internal desktop clients need to connect to the Elvis server in the same way you would access it from remote locations. This can be accomplished by using a domain name linked to the external IP address of the Elvis server. The DNS server on your local company network can redirect any local clients to the internal IP address of the Elvis server.

Redirecing emails

Another option is to configure an explicit external server URL for email links composed in the AIR client. When the Elvis server has a different external and internal address or domain, this setting will force the server URL used in email links, even when the initiating AIR client is connected to an internal address.


In most cases it is preferred to use proper DNS setup so the internal and external domain of the Elvis server are the same.

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