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Known issues for Elvis 4 Server

Known issues for Elvis 4 Server

Below are some of the known issues or compatibility problems that you may encounter, this list only contains the most common issues.

Missing previews, thumbnails and originals on 5.0.x cluster.

There have been multiple reports of the Elvis server unable to locate files on the mounted Volume. In the cases we reviewed the cause was that the volume was not correctly mounted and a folder was created where the mount should be. Resulting in asset placed both in the shared volume and a local folder.

This can be caused when Elvis starts up before the mount is completed. We are working on a solution to prevent startup when the volume is not mounted.

If you are suffering from this issue you can disable the automatic startup of the Elvis Server. Merge the local folder into the mounted share, all files placed in the local folder are linked to assets indexed in Elvis and can be moved without issues. Remove the local folder and unmount and remount the shared Volume, all previews and thumbnails should be available.

Wrong languages in the share client

When opening e-mail links, sometimes the buttons and other text in the interface contains a mixture of different languages other than the default system language. This has started happening in the latest releases in the major browsers due to updated W3C specifications. We are working on a solution.

As a temporary workaround you can explicitly configure a defaultClientLocale in the Elvis config:

# The default locale selected on the client login screen.
# Leave empty to use "same as client system", this option will let the desktop
# client decide which of the supported locales fits best to the language
# settings of the client operating system.
# The same goes for the email link viewer. It will take the language provided
# by the web browser (which usually takes it from the OS). Unless you explicitly
# configure a defaultClientLocale.
# For example:
#    defaultClientLocale=de_DE

History tab freezes client for some users

For some users the desktop client will freeze when trying to open the history tab of a selected item. This is a bug in the desktop client and we are working on fixing this issue.

In the meantime we have a workaround to prevent this from happening. All users need view permission on the following metadata fields:

  • assetFileModifier
  • assetFileModified
  • versionDescription
  • versionNumber

Client install errors

See Known issues - client install.


  • Java 6 update 1 on Windows: The "update 1" version of the JDK for Windows has a number of critical bugs preventing the Elvis server from operating correctly. Please use the latest Java 6 version for Windows.
  • On Windows, the automated update procedure of Java tends to 'upgrade' to a non-multi-language JRE. This may cause problems in supporting certain character sets. Please make sure to always use a multi-language Java installation.

Proxy auto-config (PAC) files and Adobe AIR

There is a know issue regarding the use of proxy server (PAC files) and Adobe AIR. We created a bug report for this at Adobe, which was migrated to Apache. This issue is still under investigation.

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