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Elvis 4 Server and user licenses

Elvis 4 Server and user licenses

Elvis licenses can be purchased to suit the needs of your organization, with several types of servers and several types of users.

Note: These license types are available since Elvis 4.0 The information below is supplied for your information only, no rights can be derived from it and the information is subject to change without notice.


There are three types of Elvis servers. Each server type has certain features and limitations, please check the table for an easy overview.

Server Edition Entry Workgroup Premium
WoodWing Enterprise Integration
Sharing (with ad-hoc users)
Max. # processing servers 1 2 Unlimited
Max. # assets 25,000 5,000,000 Unlimited
Supported Operating Systems Linux, Mac, Win Linux, Mac, Win Linux, Mac, Win
Dev, test or back-up server 1
Possible User Licenses


(Available since Elvis 4.4.4)



There are three types of user licenses available. Not every user has access to all features, the table below gives you some highlights of what features are available to each user type and which client applications they are able to use.

Type of User License Basic (consumer) Standard Pro API
Features (highlights)
Search & download assets
Saved searches/favorites
Import & edit assets (incl. meta data)
Version management
Manage Collections
Share / Export
Reporting (Stats)
System Admin
Desktop plug-ins
Client Applications
Web Client
Desktop Client with desktop integration
Elvis InDesign client

Document history

  • 8 September 2016: In the Users section, indicated that 'Share / Export' is also possible for Basic and Standard licenses.
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