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Elvis 4 Server redundancy

Elvis 4 Server redundancy

Main Server

Redundancy can be accomplished by installing a second Elvis server on a different machine and replicating all data or connecting both machines to the same SAN, both with dual fibre links. Only ONE server can be running the Elvis server at the same time.

Running the Elvis server on both machines simultaneously may cause unpredictable behavior and could corrupt your data. This can be configured and set up with the standard Windows clustering software.

Processing Servers

When you install one or more separate Elvis processing servers, the Elvis main server will delegate any media processing to these machines. When a processing node goes down processing will be redirected to another available processing node or when no remote nodes are operational the main server will perform the

processing by itself. This behavior provides redundancy automatically.

The hardware for a processing server does not need to be redundant, when a processing server fails, no data is lost and the server can be installed on a new machine very easily

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