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Elvis 4 bundled plug-in - Import from FTP server

Elvis 4 bundled plug-in - Import from FTP server

The FTP import plugin imports files into Elvis from an FTP server. It checks for new files in a configured remote folder, imports them and then deletes the imported files from the remote folder. Any subfolder structure within the remote folder is mirrored within Elvis.

Note: This bundled plugin is a sample. It only supports a limited set of FTP servers. For production use, we advise other solutions like Enfocus PowerSwitch which also supports importing files into Elvis using FTP.


The FTP import plugin can be almost completely configured inside the plugin configuration file, all configuration properties are described in detail in this file.

Automatically fill metadata fields on import

It's optionally possible to automatically assign standard metadata values to imported files. You can define these values in the <ftp_import>/field-mappings.xml file.

How it works

Once you have set up the FTP server in the configuration, Elvis will periodically scan the remote folder for new content. Every time new items are found in the folder the importer will start processing all items found in that folder.

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