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Elvis 4 bundled plug-in - Debug

Elvis 4 bundled plug-in - Debug

The debug plugin is a developer's testing plugin to make life a little bit easier. It's available in 3 different flavors:

  1. As a tab
  2. As a dialog
  3. As an external browser version.

All three share the same functionality, the flavors are there for educational purpose. The main features are exposing the properties and functions of the elvisContext.

Testing elvisContext functions

All available elvisContext functions can be tested, this can be useful when you're developing a plugin and quickly want to test or validate the result of a function call.

The Elvis context functions page

Reviewing & using elvisContext properties

We advise to test and develop plugins using a web browser instead of the desktop client because this allows you to do proper debugging of your HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There is one limitation though, by default there is no elvisContext JavaScript variable available in the web browser, this variable is only available inside the client.

The debug plugin can help you to overcome this issue, it shows all elvisContext properties displayed for the client's current state, in plain and in indented mode. You can test with the elvisContext in a web browser by copying & pasting the plain JavaScript code into your HTML/JavaScript file.

Elvis context data JSON formatted

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