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Elvis 4 action plug-ins setting - URL

Elvis 4 action plug-ins setting - URL

(1) Required setting

The url points to the web page that will be loaded when the plugin is executed. The main page and it's resources can be internally hosted inside the plugin folder, but it can also be on an external server as HTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.


Internally hosted plugins

Internally hosted plugins can have a url relative to the Elvis server domain. This allows you to create a plugin which can run directly in any Elvis server installation without having to change the url setting. There are variables available that can be used to create these relative URLs.


Internally hosted, in the plugin folder

Assume we have a plugin called my_plugin, with the following path: active/my_plugin/index.html.


Internally hosted, in the base plugins folder

Assume we have a plugin that uses the HTML page from the plugin base, for example the debug plugin, which has the following path: plugin_base/action.base/debug.base/index.html.




Externally hosted

Assume that we have a plugin hosted on a different machine, different domain, etc.

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