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Organizing content by using metadata in Elvis 4 Server

Organizing content by using metadata in Elvis 4 Server

Folder structures are useful to organize material, but you may not know when and where someone decided to place a file. Use metadata to enrich assets to make finding and filtering for content easier. Categorized information about files becomes available for users, this enhances collaboration between users. In a collective environment, file structures alone are not enough to locate files.

Metadata management is crucial to:

  • categorize content
  • set up workflows
  • set up security rules and permissions
  • collaboration through metadata

Embedded metadata

Metadata that is embedded in files is extracted by Elvis when the file is imported and embedded back into files when metadata is updated.

Elvis supports all major embedded metadata standards, and if necessary, you can add your own custom metadata.

  • XMP - www.adobe.com/products/xmp - The Extensible Metadata Platform is an industry standard to embed metadata into files. It supports embedding all of the standards below.
  • IPTC - www.iptc.org - The IPTC Core provides a set of basic metadata to describe and manage images.
  • Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) - www.dublincore.org - "Core metadata" for simple and generic resource descriptions.
  • EXIF - www.exif.org - A standard for storing interchange information in image files, especially those using JPEG compression.
  • PLUS - www.useplus.com - The PLUS standards provide a universal image licensing language, defining and codifying the structure and elements of image licenses.
  • PRISM - www.prismstandard.org - An XML metadata vocabulary for managing, aggregating, and processing magazine, news, catalog, book, and mainstream journal content.

To keep a good overview, information from several similar standards can be combined in one Elvis metadata field. For example the tags field in Elvis is read from:

  • Dublin Core: Subject
  • PRISM: Keyword
  • IPTC: Keywords

Or the Elvis field 'Copyright':

  • Dublin Core: Rights
  • IPTC: Copyright Notice
  • PRISM: Copyright
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