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Metadata in Elvis 4 Server - introduction

Metadata in Elvis 4 Server - introduction

Metadata describes data, it is information that describes 'who, what, where, when, why and how'. Metadata is used to characterize and catalog your files correctly and automatically.

When files are added to Elvis, the metadata in the file (for example info added by Adobe Photoshop) is extracted and added to the search index. Besides the existing metadata you can also add metadata to files in Elvis. Complete and correct metadata can greatly improve search results and makes it easier to filter out what you are looking for.

To help you scan search results, a small set of metadata information can be displayed alongside the thumbnails. Since you may need to see different characteristics depending on what you are looking for, you can change the metadata to be displayed in most views.

The right sidebar contains a metadata panel that shows all available metadata on selected files.

The Metadata panel in the Desktop client

When your organization has predefined (hierarchical) sets of metadata values, also called taxonomies, for certain fields, they will be visible in the left sidebar. From here you can search on specific values or, when you have search results selected, easily add them as metadata values.

The Taxonomy panel in the Desktop client

Metadata that has been added to files in Elvis is embedded into the files, where possible, so that it can also be read by other software applications. So all data you add will stay with the file, even if the file ‘leaves’ Elvis, except for some confidential metadata fields.

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