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Flagging metadata in Elvis Server 4

Flagging metadata in Elvis Server 4

Flags are meant to visually draw attention to specific metadata field values, for example the status of an asset or whether the copyright information is entered. They can be set for any standard or custom metadata field. Flags appear above thumbnails in the search results.

Enabling or changing flags has to be done from the custom-assetinfo.xml file in the server configuration. To enable a flag for a field:

  • Set a flagIcon for the value in the predefined values.
  • Set a flag when 'any' value is set on the field using flagIconWhenNotEmpty.

For example the Status field:

    <fieldExt name="status" group="General">
            <predefinedValues onlyFromList="false">
                <value flagIcon="bullet_ball_glass_blue.png">New</value>
                <value flagIcon="bullet_ball_glass_blue.png">Draft</value>
                <value flagIcon="bullet_ball_glass_yellow.png">Production</value>
                <value flagIcon="bullet_ball_glass_grey.png">Review</value>
                <value flagIcon="bullet_ball_glass_red.png">Correction</value>
                <value flagIcon="bullet_ball_glass_green.png">Final</value>
        <userInterface flagPosition="30" />

Or the Copyright field:

    <fieldExt name="copyright" group="Rights">
        <userInterface flagPosition="50" flagIconWhenNotEmpty="copyright.png" />

Choose from the images in <Elvis server>/Config/plugins/active/internal/elvis_client/flags or add new png images yourself. The flagPosition is a number used to order/sort the flags configured in your custom-assetinfo.xml. You can enter any number. For example, if you have fields with position 1, 10 and 3000, than that is the order they will appear from low to high.

You can use as many flags as you want, but If you have too many flags to fit the thumbnail (or small thumbnail size), the last few will disappear from view.

Tip: Don't forget that flags are used to draw attention. If you use too many of them, it takes away their purpose.

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