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Custom metadata in Elvis Server 4


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  • Adrian Yalda

    I looked and do not find any documentation on how to delete or modify custom metadata once it is active. It only says that it is "difficult" in this article. I am just starting to set up my Elvis server and there are only a small handful of files and there is no concern with removing any metadata and losing any information.

    Also I find that the custom metadata fields cannot be changed as to their sequence within the assetinfo file once they are active, i.e., the first field activated was then unable to be rearranged, and had to be the first custom metadata field. Users can rearrange them, but the default sequence, if slightly incorrect, seems hardwired the way it was done in the first place.

    If anything the article should be a bit clearer at the top in the "Before You Start" section with something on the order of "Do not activate your custom metadata fields until you are certain all necessary fields are entered in correctly, the spelling is correct, the sequence is correct and all settings are appropriate. Once custom metadata fields are activated, these cannot be changed or deleted easily."


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