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Installing the Elvis InDesign Client for Elvis 4

Installing the Elvis InDesign Client for Elvis 4

The Elvis InDesign Client lets you edit InDesign layouts containing links to Elvis DAM.

This article describes how to install the plug-in for the first time or how to upgrade an existing installation.

System requirements

For information about compatibility of the Elvis InDesign Client with Elvis, InDesign and Smart Connection, see the WoodWing Compatibility Matrix.


Step 1. Download the installer from one of the following locations:

  • For Elvis 4.6 or higher: Launch the Client Install page from the Elvis Server launch panel, click the icon for the Elvis InDesign Client plug-in and save the file.

The Client install page option

Figure: The Client install page option on the Elvis Server launch panel (left) and the Elvis InDesign Client option on the Client Install page (right).

Step 2. Double-click the downloaded file.

The Adobe Extension Manager will launch and will automatically install the plug-in.

Note: When multiple versions of the Extension Manager are installed, make sure that the version launches in which you want to install the plug-in. If this is not the case, quit the Extension Manager, start the correct version and double-click the downloaded file once more to start the installation.

The Elvis InDesign Client plug-in installed

Step 3.Verify that the plug-ins have been correctly installed by checking the following:

  • For Mac OS X: Verify that the following 2 plug-ins exist:
  • Location: InDesign application folder/Plug-ins/Elvis/
  • File: Elvis.InDesignPlugin
  • File: ElvisUI.InDesignPlugin
  • For Windows: Verify that the following folders and files exist:
  • Location: InDesign application folder/Plug-ins/Elvis/
  • Folder: (Elvis Resources)
  • Folder: (ElvisUI Resources)
  • File: Elvis.pln
  • File: ElvisUI.pln

Step 4. (Optional, only when upgrading from a previous version of the plug-in) Verify that the new version has been installed by checking the About Elvis Plug-ins... dialog.

The About Elvis Plug-ins window

Setting user permissions

The user needs to be given permission to use the Elvis InDesign Client.

Step 1. In the Elvis Desktop Client, access the Manage Permissions tab.

Step 2. Locate the user or user group who should be given permission.

Step 3. Under "Client types" in the Capabilities tab, select InDesign client.

The InDesign Client option in Capabilities

For more information about Capabilities, see Capabilities in Elvis DAM.

Assigning licenses

Making use of the InDesign Client requires a Pro license for each user. Make sure to assign sufficient licenses in Elvis Server.

About image linking

(Elvis InDesign Client 1.x only) The Elvis InDesign Client automatically resolves links to Elvis images placed on a layout. In order to have this working correctly all placed images must have an Elvis asset ID embedded in their metadata.

Take note of the following:

  • When editing an image in an image tool which removes this XMP metadata from the file, the auto resolving will break.

Example: This can occur when editing the image on Mac OS X using Preview.

  • For Elvis DAM versions older than 4.6.1, the asset ID is not embedded by default. To fix this for existing assets in installations older than version 4.6.1, read the instructions for upgrading from Elvis 4.x to Elvis 4.6 on the Upgrading Elvis DAM page.

Components added to InDesign

After installation, the following components will have been added to InDesign:

  • An "Elvis" entry to the main menu. It contains options for logging in and logging out of the Elvis Server.

The Elvis Log In menu

Figure: The "Elvis" menu contains options for logging in and logging out of the Elvis Server.

  • Options to the Links panel (requires the Elvis InDesign Client version 2.x or higher).The following entries are added for displaying in the panel:
  • Elvis Path. The path of the linked file on Elvis Server.
  • Elvis ID. The Elvis ID of the linked file.
  • Elvis Url. The URL to the Elvis object of the linked file.

The Elvis options in the Links Panel Options dialog

Figure: The Elvis options in the Links Panel Options dialog.

The Links panel with Elvis options shown

Figure: The Links panel with Elvis options shown in the Link Info pane.

  • An About Elvis Plug-ins... option in the InDesign menu (on Mac OS X) or Help menu (on Windows). This will display which version of the Elvis InDesign Client plug-in is installed.

The About Elvis Plug-ins window

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    Michael Bevans

    Is there an upgrade to the InDesign plugin to support InDesign 2018?


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    Tom Pijsel

    Thank you for your question, the plugin is not available at this moment and is scheduled to be released Q1 2018

  • 0
    Scott Griswold

    This is critical to our workflow. I hope it's sooner than later.


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    Maarten van Kleinwee

    Dear all,

    For further questions about this or similar topics, and to give your question more exposure, it is best to make use of the Community forums instead of posting comments to articles in the product documentation section.


    Maarten van Kleinwee
    Senior Technical Writer, WoodWing Software

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