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Using Elvis 4 to share files with external users

Using Elvis 4 to share files with external users

Content in Elvis can easily be shared with others. You can share items through a link to (a collection of) files, which can be copied to e-mails or social media.

Sharing files

You can also use the link to create a simple HTML gallery. You can give the shared link an expiration date and you can allow the recipient preview, download, approval and even upload rights.

Sharing files through an HTML gallery

If the recipient has a login for Elvis, they can open the link with the desktop client and they will be able to see all the files you've sent, whether they have access to the right folders or not. If the recipient is someone who doesn't have a user account on your server, they can click a link that shows a webpage with a basic version of the Elvis interface. From there they can:

  • view and preview assets
  • download files
  • approve or reject files
  • upload new files

If you have accidentally shared the wrong items or have chosen the wrong expiration date, you can modify the shared link at a later time. Administrators can modify the settings or revoke any shared link.

Managing shared links

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