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Sending system information to Support from Smart Connection

Sending system information to Support from Smart Connection

When running into a technical problem when using Smart Connection, WoodWing Support might ask you to send in information to help troubleshoot the problem.

Sending this information can be done easily from Smart Connection by following these steps:

Step 1. Start InDesign or InCopy.

Step 2. Display the About WoodWing Plug-ins screen by doing one of the following:

  • Mac OS X: Choose InDesign > About WoodWing Plug-ins or InCopy > About WoodWing Plug-ins
  • Windows: Choose Help > About WoodWing Plug-ins

The About WoodWing Plug-ins screen appears.

The About WoodWing screen

Step 3. Click More info.

The Info screen appears.

The Info screen, showing the Smart Connection version number

Step 3. Click the Mail button (The Mail button) in the bottom right corner.

An e-mail is automatically generated (directed to support@woodwing.com), containing the following information:

  • Operating System name and version
  • Name and version of Adobe product
  • Installed products (including version number and activation status)
  • Version of About WoodWing screen
  • Version of Activation plug-in

Step 4. Add any additional comments and send the e-mail.

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