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Installing Smart Connection


Installing Smart Connection

This article describes how to install Smart Connection for InDesign, InDesign Server and InCopy.


For information about compatibility with Smart Connection and other applications, use the following links:

System requirements

The same system requirements apply as those for InDesign, InDesign Server and InCopy. Please check www.adobe.com for details.

Downloading the software

Plug-ins that are moved during installation

During the installation of the Smart Connection plug-ins for InDesign, InCopy and InDesign Server, a number of InCopy plug-ins are moved to a different location because their functionality conflicts with similar functionality in Smart Connection.

The plug-ins are taken from the following locations in the InDesign/InCopy application folder:

  • InDesign: /Plug-Ins/InCopyWorkflow folder and /Plug-Ins/UI folder
  • InDesign Server: /Plug-Ins/InCopyWorkflow folder
  • InCopy: /Plug-Ins/InCopyWorkflow folder and the /Plug-Ins/UI folder

The plug-ins are moved to a folder named 'Plug-Outs' in the application folder of InDesign, InDesign Server and InCopy.

Note: When uninstalling Smart Connection, these plug-ins are automatically placed back into their original location.

Installation steps

Note: the steps show the installation for Smart Connection 9 but are identical for the other Smart Connection versions as well, except for the product names of course.

Document history

  • 13 September 2016: Updated links for downloading Smart Connection.
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