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Automatically logging in to Enterprise Server using Smart Connection

Automatically logging in to Enterprise Server using Smart Connection

Smart Connection can only be used when logged in to an instance of Enterprise Server. This is normally done by entering a username and password in the Log In window.

It is also possible to let Smart Connection automatically log in to the Server each time InDesign or InCopy is started.

Caution: This introduces a security risk when access to the machine on which InDesign or InCopy is not password protected. Use this configuration with care.

Info: The information presented here applies to the following versions of Smart Connection:

  • Smart Connection 9
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC 2014
  • File: WWSettings.xml file
  • Name of option: AutoLogin
  • Location: anywhere between the <Settings> </Settings> tags
  • Values:
  • name: the user name
  • pw: the password
  • location: the name with which the Enterprise Server is defined in the ServerInfo option.
  • Example:

Definition of the Server, here as 'Enterprise 9':

<SCEnt:ServerInfo name="Enterprise 9" url="http://localhost/Enterprise/index.php"/>

The code for automatically logging into that Server:

<SCEnt:AutoLogin name="Rob Smart" pw="12345" location="Enterprise 9"/>

Important: Make sure to validate the WWSettings.xml file for correct content. See Validating the WWSettings.xml file.

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