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Always save a layout or article to Enterprise using Smart Connection

Always save a layout or article to Enterprise using Smart Connection

When choosing the File > Save command in InDesign or InCopy, the file is saved locally. This is done to reduce network traffic and speed up intermediate save operations.

When choosing the Smart Connection > Save Version command, the file is saved locally and sent to the Server as a new version.

Enterprise Server can be configured in such a way that the file is always saved directly to Enterprise, regardless of which Save command is used.

Info: The information presented here applies to the following versions of Smart Connection:

  • Smart Connection 9
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC 2014

This feature can be controlled by the following option:

  • File: configserver.php file
  • Area: Server Feature
  • Name of option: AlwaysSaveDocIntoDatabase
  • Example:

new Feature( 'AlwaysSaveDocIntoDatabase' ),

The table below shows when native files are sent to the Server or only saved locally.

Application Event Saved locally Saved on Server
InDesign Place article 1 Yes Optional 2
InDesign Create article 1 Yes Optional 2
InDesign Check in article Yes Optional 2
InDesign Check out article Yes No
InDesign or InCopy File > Save Yes Optional 2
InDesign or InCopy Smart Connection > Save Version Yes Yes

1 If the AlwaysSaveDocIntoDatabase option is not enabled, a situation can arise where an article is placed on a layout, but that layout has not since been saved back to the Server. This means that the layout information needed by the article is not yet available to anyone else. As a consequence, if at this point someone opens the article in InCopy, they will be shown a message saying: “The story has been placed on a layout which is not saved since then. Therefore, no layout information is available...”. In that case the InDesign document will not be opened, and InCopy will treat it as an unplaced article.

When the InDesign document is closed it will be saved to the Server to ensure data integrity.

Note: If the UseXMLGeometry option is enabled (see Geometry updates in Enterprise 9), this situation will not arise because the layout information is always synchronized.

2 Optional. Default is “No”. The native layout file is only sent to the Server when the server feature AlwaysSaveDocIntoDatabase is set.

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