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Not all layouts are added to the Book panel in Smart Connection

Not all layouts are added to the Book panel in Smart Connection

When adding layouts that are stored in Enterprise to the InDesign Book panel by running the OpenIssueAsBook.jsx file, you may find that not all layouts are added.

This can happen because the total number of layouts that are added to the Book panel is directly linked to the value that is set for the DBMAXQUERY setting in the configserver.php file of Enterprise Server. This value is set to 50 by default, meaning that when you try to add more than 50 layouts, only the first 50 layouts are actually added.

To have more layouts added to the Book panel, increase the DBMAXQUERY value.

Note: This value also affects the total number of files displayed in the Document pane of the Smart Connection panel and the Document pane in Content Station.

//    Maximum number of records returned in query results. Default value is 50. 
//    By default, when the results exceed 50 files, they will be grouped in groups 
//    of 50. When set to zero (0), there is no limit and all records are returned. 
//    This can have a negative impact on performance, so doing this is not recommended. 
//    The DBMAXQUERY specifies the maximum number of rows that will be returned at the 
//    highest level. So, when using hierarchical view, the number of returned rows can 
//    be many times greater than specified in DBMAXQUERY. 
define ('DBMAXQUERY', 50);
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