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Comparing files in Elvis Cloud

Simultaneously previewing multiple files in the Pro client of Elvis Cloud

The Pro client of Elvis Cloud allows you to view up to 8 different files next to each other.

Note: When comparing videos this is restricted to 2 files.

Step 1. Search for the files that you want to compare.

Step 2. Switch to Filmstrip view mode by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

The Filmstrip icon

Figure: The Filmstrip View icon.

Step 3. Select up to 8 files or a maximum of 2 videos.

Step 4. (Optional) Click the Fullscreen mode icon in the top right corner to view all images in fullscreen mode.

Viewing 8 images

Figure: Viewing 8 images simultaneously in Filmstrip View mode.

Viewing 8 images in fullscreen mode

Figure: Viewing 8 images simultaneously in fullscreen mode.

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