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Compatibility of ionCube Loaders with Enterprise Server

Compatibility of ionCube Loaders with Enterprise Server

This article lists the compatibility of ionCube Loaders with Enterprise Server.

ionCube is used by Enterprise Server to encrypt some of its PHP modules.

Note: Since Enterprise Server 9.4, an ionCube wizard will guide you through the installation and will provide you with a download for the required version of ionCube.

Enterprise Server version
ionCube Loader version 9.0.x – 9.4.x 9.5.x – 9.6.x 9.7.x – 9.8.x 10.x
ionCube Loader 4.2 1,2 Yes - - -
ionCube Loader 4.3 – 4.5 - - - -
ionCube Loader 4.6 2,3 - Yes - -
ionCube Loader 5.0 4 - - Yes Yes

Legend: Yes = combination is supported. - = combination of old and new software versions is not supported.

1 ionCube Loader 4.2.2 is required. Download it from the software download page.

2 For Windows, only VC9 compiled versions of PHP can be used. These are indicated with “Windows VC9 (Non-TS) (x86)”. If you use the Apache Web Server this also has to be a VC9 compiled binary. Do NOT use VC9 version with apache.org binaries. VC9 versions of Apache can be downloaded from the Apache Lounge: http://www.apachelounge.com/download/additional/.

3 ionCube Loader 4.6.1 is required.

4 ionCube Loader 5.0.14 is required.

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