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Compatibility of Adobe AIR with Content Station

Compatibility of Adobe AIR with Content Station

This article lists the compatibility of Adobe AIR, needed to run Content Station AIR.

Note: Adobe AIR is not used for Content Station 10.

Content Station version
Adobe AIR version 9.x 10.x
4.x - n/a
13.x – 19.x Yes 1 n/a
20.x and higher Yes 2 n/a

Legend: Yes = combination is supported. - = combination of old and new software versions is not supported.

1 (Mac OS X only) On Mac OS X, Content Station 9.8.4 build 273 and higher is not compatible with Adobe AIR 19 and lower.

2 (Mac OS X only) When Adobe Air 20 or higher is installed on Mac OS X, only the following versions can be installed: 

  • Maintenance branch: Content Station 9.4.7 build 228 or higher
  • Innovation branch: Content Station 9.7.0 build 232 or higher

Older versions of Content Station 9 can no longer be installed on Mac OS X in combination with Adobe AIR 20 because support for 32-bit was dropped by Adobe in favor of 64-bit applications.

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