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Text in Asian is not displayed correctly in Content Station 9

Text in Asian is not displayed correctly in Content Station 9


When using the Chinese, Japanese or Korean version of Content Station on an operating system for the same language, Content Station does not display Asian text correctly.


This can happen when logged in as a user for which the language option in the User Account is not set to the Asian language.

Example: A user has the language set to "English" in its User Account. When logging in on a Japanese system using a Japanese version of Content Station, Content Station is displayed in English, using a Western-type font. Any Japanese text (such as file names, the content of an article and so on) is rendered using the Western font and may therefore not display properly.


Force Content Station to use an Asian font by adding the following option:

  • File: WWSettings.xml
  • Name of option: Font
  • Area: Anywhere between the <SCEnt:ContentStation> and </SCEnt:ContentStation> tags
  • Possible values: (paths to the .swf files containing the Asian fonts):
  • style/japanese.swf
  • style/korean.swf
  • style/sans.swf (To be used when you want to use multiple CJK languages at the same time in your interface.)
  • style/simplifiedChinese.swf
  • style/traditionalChinese.swf
  • style/taiwanese.swf
  • Example:

<Setting name="Font" value="style/sans.swf"/>

Important: Make sure to validate the WWSettings.xml file for correct content. See Validating the WWSettings.xml file.

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