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Middle Eastern (right-to-left) support in Content Station 9

Middle Eastern (right-to-left) support in Content Station 9

A characteristic of Middle Eastern languages is that the text is displayed from right to left. However, Content Station displays text in articles by default from left-to-right.

To add Middle Eastern (ME, or right-to-left) support, add the following option to Enterprise Server:

  • File: configserver.php file
  • Name of option: ContentStationRTL
  • Example:

new Feature( 'ContentStationRTL' ),

Affected areas

The following areas in Content Station are displayed in a right-to-left fashion:

  • All metadata properties, as shown in dialog boxes, search panes, drop-down lists, and so on. (The metadata properties referred to are all the static, dynamic, XMP, and custom properties as shown on the Metadata Maintenance page of Enterprise Server.)
  • The Text Editor1, 2 and its functionality.

1 Info: This requires Content Station version 9.4.0 or higher.

2 Note: The text in the Text Editor will only be displayed from right to left when Track Changes are hidden. When Track Changes are shown, the text is displayed from left to right.

Non-affected areas

The following aspects of Content Station do not fall under the right-to-left support and are therefore unchanged:

  • UI components
  • Localization


The following components do not support the right-to-left feature:

  • Publication Overview

Keyboard navigation

By enabling Middle Eastern support, the keyboard navigation is also reversed: pressing the right-arrow key on the keyboard moves the cursor to the left and pressing the left-arrow key moves the cursor to the right.

If you prefer to reverse this movement to the default navigation direction (pressing the right-arrow key moves the cursor to the right and pressing the left-arrow key moves the cursor to the left), add additional keyboard shortcuts to Content Station.

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