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Uploading files to Enterprise with Content Station 9

Uploading files to Enterprise with Content Station 9

It is important that any file that you want to include in a published story or want to store as a reference, is uploaded to Enterprise. This makes sure that the file is available when it needs to be published (such as an image that needs to be published to a Web page), and that other users can also make use of that file (even in a different story).

Which file types can be uploaded?

All popular file types can be uploaded: from documents, images and videos, to presentations, spreadsheets, ZIP files and many more. For a detailed overview, see File formats supported by Enterprise 9.

How can I upload files that are not in a supported format?

Should a file not be supported yet, the file format can be added by configuring Enterprise Server. Please contact your system administrator.

Ways of uploading files

When a file is not yet stored in Enterprise (but saved to your desktop for instance), it can be added in the following ways:

  • By dropping the file onto a Dossier
  • By using the Upload Application

Dropping the file onto a Dossier

Info: This feature is available in Content Station AIR only, not in Content Station Web.

This is the quickest and easiest way of adding a file. Simply drop a file onto one of the following areas of Content Station:

  • A Dossier icon anywhere in Content Station
  • An open Dossier (in either the Dossier Content option in the Info pane or in the Document pane of the Dossier Content option)

Areas in Content Station for adding files to a Dossier

Figure: Different areas where a file can be dropped on: (A) the Dossier Content option in the Info pane of an opened Dossier, (B) the Document pane of the Dossier Content option of an opened Dossier, and (C) a Dossier icon anywhere in Content Station (here in the Favorites pane).

After dropping the file, the Upload dialog box is shown, as explained below.

Using the Upload Application

Step 1. Do one of the following:

  • On the Home screen, double-click Upload in the Applications pane.
  • Click the Upload icon in the toolbar of a Dossier.

The Browse window appears.

Step 2. Select the files that you want to upload and click Open


  • The files all need to be of the same type: all images, all spreadsheets, all ZIP files, and so on.
  • When uploading from Content Station Web, choose a file with a size that is less than 100 MB.

The Upload dialog box appears.

The Upload dialog box

The files that are ready to be uploaded are shown on the left.

Tip: Add additional files by clicking the '+' button or by dropping the files onto the dialog box.

Step 3. (Optional) Change the properties as needed.

Step 4. Click Upload.

The files are stored in Enterprise.

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