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Content Station 9 configuration

Content Station 9 configuration

When Content Station is installed for the first time, a default set of features are enabled and an even larger set of features are disabled.

Because each implementation of Enterprise is different and requires a different set of features, it is important to configure Enterprise Server and Content Station in such a way that it matches the needs and requirements of the used workflow.

Where can I find which options can be set?

Use the sources listed below for information about configuring Enterprise and Content Station.

Online Help

Many articles about configuring Enterprise Server and Content Station can be found in the section named 'Configuration 'of the Content Station contents page.

configserver.php file

The SERVERFEATURES section of the configserver.php file contains many comments with examples of additional features that can be enabled.

Unlockable features in the configserver.php file

Figure: The configserver.php file contains many additional features that can be enabled.

WoodWing Labs

WoodWing Labs contains many workflow enhancing tools and plug-ins that have not made their way to the final products (yet). Visit it regularly for the latest releases and updates.

Reference Materials

Content Station 9 documentation

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