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Printing an article in Content Station 9

Printing an article in Content Station 9

To print an article in Content Station, perform the following steps:

Step 1. Open the article or preview the article in the Preview pane of a Dossier or the Search page and do one of the following:

  • Click the Print icon in the toolbar
  • Choose File > Print
  • Press Cmd+P / Ctrl+P

The following actions take place:

  • A HTML version of the article is opened in the default Web browser
  • The Print dialog box opens for the printer that is set up as the default printer on the system.

Step 2. Click Print.

About the HTML version of the article

The HTML version of the article shows a section of metadata at the top (print date, article ID, Workflow Status and so on), followed by the content of each article component. The text is styled using the formatting that is applied to the text.

Note: In the Multi-Channel Text Editor, the applied formatting depends on how the View > Visual Mode option is set:

  • Enabled: the text formatting is applied as much as possible.
  • Not enabled: the text is shown in plain formatting with additional support for bold and italic.

Print preview with Visual Mode enabled Print preview with Visual Mode disabled

Figure: A print preview with the Visual Mode enabled (showing the original formatting) and the same article previewed with the Visual Mode disabled (showing default formatting).

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