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Adding the My Reporting Application to Content Station 9

Adding the My Reporting Application to Content Station 9

The My Reporting instance is the default reporting application that is shipped with Enterprise Server.

Note: For information about working with the reports, see Working with reports in Content Station 9.

The Reporting Application can be viewed either within Content Station or in the default Web browser of the system. It appears on the Home page with either the default icon or a custom icon:

Icon of a Web site added as an Application The My Reporting icon.

The My Report Application is added to Content Station by defining it between the <Apps> </Apps> tags of the WWSettings.xml file.

The following syntax is used:

<App name="name" url={SERVER_URL}/server/apps/report.php?ticket={SESSION_ID} icon="{SERVER_URL}config/images/appicons/woodwing.png" external="true" or "false"/>

  • App name is the name that appears with the icon on the Home page and as the name in the Tabs menu
  • url is the path to Enterprise Server. The following wildcards are used (filled in automatically by Content Station):
  • {SERVER_URL} The path to the current server
  • {SESSION_ID} The current ticket
  • icon is the path to a custom icon stored on the server. When not defined, the default icon is used.

Note: Make sure of the following:

  • The icon should be stored in the Enterprise Server directory "/config/icons/applications"
  • The file format should be .png or .jpg
  • The maximum dimension should be 32x32 pixels
  • external indicates whether the report should be opened within Content Station (value is set to "false" or the value is left out) or in the default Web browser on the system (when the value is set to "true).


1. Default icon with label "WW Reports", opened in the default Web browser:

<App name="WW Reports" url="{SERVER_URL}/server/apps/report.php?ticket={SESSION_ID}" external="true"/

Icon and name on the Home page:

Default report icon

2. Custom icon with label "WW Reports", opened within Content Station:

<App name="WW Reports" url="{SERVER_URL}/server/apps/report.php?ticket={SESSION_ID}" icon="{SERVER_URL}config/images/appicons/woodwing.png" external="false"/>


<App name="WW Reports" url="{SERVER_URL}/server/apps/report.php?ticket={SESSION_ID}" icon="{SERVER_URL}config/images/appicons/woodwing.png"/>

Icon and name on the Home page:

Custom report icon

Important: Make sure to validate the WWSettings.xml file for correct content. See Validating the WWSettings.xml file.

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